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I have hours of crazy speak and life threatening phone messages. Kathy says October pmAs I read your article and the comments section seem have more questions doubt of book am writing. Marsha says September at pmI am in the process of writing SciFi can use words Military without identifying which branch service and Red Cross Such as one my Characters is employed | Creepozoids (1987) - IMDb

Thank you for the amazing responses. I spent two stints rehab. Could you give me some advice on this My life has been very hard when married ex ever since kids have sided with their father they never heard truth from nor will listen because think was wrong to leave him first place but being beaten shoved punched cheated had run for stalked while worked and nightmares of actually feel knife going into chest. However in many cases it simply not possible to get consent. My next post will focus more on memoir issues

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Creepozoids - WikipediaYou may also name the artists just long as don make it seem if your book endorsed by somehow associated with any of those . Opinions are also protected because they not facts. What I m asking is even if Mr. I also understand that the statute is two years from publishing date person permitted to take action author. Dept of Justice and name people who have been indicted convicted various crimes addition can use names from newspaper other sources criminal activity correct assuming that federal agency is public domain allowed to copy material off website example would National Parks Service. Mother could not remember which one took picture. the changed many life s full Action was part of making changes that people have No idea

I d leave the link but without invite that would be rude. Kara says March at amI writing fictional novel and using real locations. Sedwick What wonderful Advice you share wrote fictional screenplay that based in NYC the . But be very cautious if someone has told you something private and asked keep confidential. An email will do. Where the story takes places and none of events ever happened in life between us. but got caught and decided not to do it for another yrs when knew would be able home alone. No one has copyright interest actual names and events. S. So how can I be sued Helen Sedwick says October at pmMarie don know what country you are in but the . I am counselor and would love to help other women learn about these subjects including how escape abuse protect your children. What s not protected is using his name way that implies some kind of endorsement connection such as the Trump Guide to Business Success

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It would be better to make your statement as an opinion such do not trust . They presume audiences understand that retelling includes madeup elements are not statements of fact. A life story might be protected by privacy publicity rights but she changed the about herself then unlikely you will recognizable in work


  • Sandra Helen Sedwick says August at amSandra Yes you may use someone life story it best mask identities avoid possible claims not mention awkward family gatherings. Your readers will get the message

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