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Maleme airfield crete - We had all sorts of weapons fairly well capable looking after ourselves. The night passed uneventfully except for large body of troops marching past station

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He had hoped that some of the guns could have been silenced resited and then taken German by surprise if airborne invasion began. showed signs of strain during the day and put this down to lack news information concerning their troops position general. Pte . Glider crews could rally quickly and fight as team but paratroops scattered they were took longer group together | Maleme - Abandoned, Forgotten and Little Known Airfields ...

Doc Fowke was apparently the only man to escape from Platoon. He crossed the centre of airfield after dark and rejoined Company Headquarters

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Maleme Airfield - Explore CreteNear Sinclair soldier had given his life one of the most gallant acts history battalion. The recoiling piece smashed into man who cried My bloody leg is gone Taking their four wounded with them there were also three dead apart from Matheson platoon Headquarters Company left Pirgos. WO II F. The field gun fired again at dusk. On invasion day the four spearheads about men would land from air distinct groups spaced along northern coast of Crete. Adcock New Plymouth born NZ May labourer wounded

Villagers on the way bravely smiled and waved but there were tears in their eyes. Cade DSO m. Its habitants are known for their Cretan hospitality and willingly assist you if need help. He brought news of Mehaffey whom had nursed with two others in their weapon pit until they died. I got the troops that were left there might have been and began marching down RAP road southwest away from coast to meet greatly their relief Campbell party of Company men. From the start line two miles east of Pirgos village units carved their way along coastal area with plenty grenade and bayonet work. Earlier in the day Browning from one had been used for firing paratroops Headquarters Company area later it was to scatter party of enemy attempting retrieve supply container ridge behind . Bourke Capt I. In the general withdrawal few Follas group collected donkey loaded four spandaus carried ammunition themselves after taking part brisk skirmish yielding twenty prisoners met Battalion survivors afternoon. With unlimited ammunition Vallis fired this gun until was white hot and then still kept firing. Palmer born New Plymouth Feb labourer wounded and

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These glider troops directly in front of platoon developed increasingly heavy fire. Apart from page and B Companies nothing was known about the fate of rest battalion or brigade


  • Hard on this Sargeson recollects the planes were literally wingtip to and disgorging skyful of multicoloured parachutes. Thirteen Platoon Sergeant Crawford verging the beach covered northern end of airfield Lieutenant Sinclair facing riverbed and bridge held western was halt any attack coming across almost dry Donald Company Headquarters by southern would hold from inland. Williams and another artillery officer Lieutenant Cade quickly grouped together straggling British gunners airmen one defensive position was along stone wall sent runner Colonel Andrew for aid then prepared bayonet attack

  • By this which may have been about p. In front of the enemy making matters worse went unarmed airmen either demoralised and fleeing being driven deliberately as screen. The field gun fired again at dusk

    • Perhaps it was then that Andrew asked Hargest for counterattack told Battalion engaged with paratroops area clear by. Returning to his platoon and learning that Wakelin post had been close action Sargeson investigated with Corporal Boyd

  • I tried to make contact with Slade area by sending two patrols forward but they were shot up and did not get through. Two gliders were within yards of Battalion Headquarters their crews lay hidden and doggo among plentiful cover vines until late afternoon. Crete Hotels Car Rental Property Activities Bars Restaurants TAXI Services Products in Maleme Louis Creta Princes Mike Apartments Futura Summer Lodge Sunny Suites just miles from Platanias offers quiet holidays what to do on your History may not know that was found the Minoan tholos tomb but will surely have heard Airfield and German cemetery HOMECrete ExploreA Z GuideBeach guideCrete MapsSatellite ImagesWeather HistoryArts Music BooksCretan dietDriving CreteGreek RecipesGreek NamedaysLearn GreekNature Olive oilPrices CreteProducts CreteTraditions Religious HolidaysUseful information BlogsForum PicturesHotel Reviews ReviewsYour Photo albums Contact usLinks Newsletter Custom Search This page about protected by International Copyright LawWeb design SEO ArtKreta Rooms Photos Directions BELLAPAIS Chania minutes magical town one major destinations Greece historical located

  • The fantastic Mediterranean sea With view of cretan our friendly staff invites you to atantalising taste authentic flavours from Greek and Italian cuisine. Beaven his telephone wires cut signallers prevented by fire at. A private had gone back to Battalion for information and failed page get any so Wadey went out himself later walked into Colonels Andrew Allen with Major Leggat Captain MacDuff was told hold his position costs the airfield be counterattacked that night

  • Some gliders landed on the terraces stretching from Battalion headquarters down to beach north of Pirgos valley east most gravel bed Tavronitis River above below bridge. Twentysecond Battalion task was to hold the airfield and its approaches. On many occasions saw Stuka pilots diving down the fire of these guns and had no misgivings to whether would have guts withstand such gaff

  • Page The commander of Assault Regiment General Meindl soon to be severely wounded by Battalion this day pressed all available into two assaults one bridge other right hook which crossed river south aimed north Point. Attached plans taken off Jerry

  • Woods born Melbourne May motorbody builder wounded and p. Harris. Cpl H

  • D Company covered bridge by the airfield and extended half mile southwards along east bank of Tavronitis River western was not defended. For days the bombing had been increasing steadily

    • Flag in hand the hapless petty officer was driven forward until with sudden dash liberty landed trench where New Zealanders firing automatic weapon drove back enemy rescued airman now badly wounded. Johnson Lt C

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