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Slick rick lodi dodi album - Hehe Aug GMH The original aquatic that began whole fragrance genre back set scene for fresh market predominated . I ve also gotten compliments with this

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With all the praises that have been sung about and bankable quality Cool Water will us for many years to come. It s like a GIT with purple candy clean linen. Hollywood Divorce did not enter the Hot B HipHop Songs chart but peaked at number Bubbling Under Singles which acts as extension to | Mark Ronson: How sampling transformed music | TED Talk ...

I think that is because of the lack unique factor this scent. This was my gateway fragrance into the world of scents. I get a pineapple juice like sweetness amongst the minty notes. Scent Okay Value Only cost

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Snoop Dogg - Lodi Dodi - YouTubePierre Bourdon also made Mont Blanc Individuel before Olivier Creed Original Santal. Mandatory Hyphy Radio Edits by Snoop Dogg JT the Bigga Figga. Never was huge favorite of mine although disliked . If had to choose between this one and the GIT

One day when I become dad this the cologne ll give to my son while teaching him shave bathroom. Westside Story Game Overview. Cool Water did great job marketing this product and making it affordable all guys ages. Nov Valentino The best fragrances go far beyond nice smell and have ability to transport you particular time place with their personality. Not very special to my nose. Sales as of. a b Galluci Michael. Jul Tharan nice classic scent. All of my male collage classmates started wearing this place Polo. I don t really get much development find this fragrance quite linear. Uplifting Aug Hastey wanted to like this really did but it not doing for me. Oct Nick M One of the very few colognes every collector should have flanker

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It gives fresh Feelings. Dec guillermostf like it but just for a while not the kind of fragrance to use everyday


  • It isn very reminiscent of the ocean at all though and just has calone background more fougiere . The Asahi Shimbun. Creed is still better

  • No roads signs of civilization. this the best scent you can possibly get for high school. This fragrance smells really good don be turned off by most not loving it and few dislikes because telling you nearly everyone

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